Adele Barbaro (Adele) proposes to publish a cookbook entitled “The One Meal My Child Will Eat” (the Cookbook).  By submitting a recipe to Adele and by ticking the box at the bottom, the person submitting the recipe (the Contributor) acknowledges the following:-

  1. Adele may in her discretion include the Contributor’s recipe in the Cookbook and in which case the Contributor’s name will be included with the recipe as its author.

  2. The heading of the Contributor’s recipe and its positioning in the Cookbook will be within Adele’s discretion.

  3. To the extent that the Contributor may have any copyright or other ownership rights in the Contributor’s recipe, the Contributor acknowledges that such rights are hereby transferred to Adele.

  4. The Contributor undertakes that the Contributor’s recipe is substantially the Contributor’s original work.

  5. If a third-party claims copyright or ownership of the Contributor’s recipe and if they make any claim against Adele or the publisher of the Cookbook, then the Contributor will indemnify Adele and/or the publisher in respect of any such claim.

  6. The Contributor acknowledges that having the Contributor’s recipe published in the Cookbook is of benefit to the Contributor and that benefit together with the fee payable to the Contributor as noted in paragraph 9 is sufficient consideration for the Contributor’s abandonment of rights to the Contributor’s recipe as detailed above.

  7. Adele will be entitled to amend or modify the Contributor’s recipe within her sole discretion.

  8. Adele will be entitled to utilise the Contributor’s recipe in further editions of the Cookbook without payment of any further fee to the Contributor.

  9. The contributor will receive one (1) complimentary copy of the book "The One Meal My Child Will Eat" only if the recipe is published 

  10. The contributor will receive a fee of $50 only if the recipe they submit is published by Adele.