WITH VEGGIE bolognaise 

We turned the usual spaghetti bolognaise into rainbow fun today and it’s super easy. I have been wanting to try this food fun for ages!⁣

-Boil a big pot of water and then cook any pasta you like. I used half a pack of Sanremo Pasta Spaghetti but you could use anything from penne to linguine. Use a whole pack if you want to freeze up bulk portions.⁣

-When the pasta is cooked, run under cold water until is is cold and this will ensure is doesn’t keep cooking and go soggy.

-In little storage zip lock bags, pop about a teaspoon of water and then a few drops of whatever food colour you have in the pantry. I did every colour of the rainbow into 7 bags. But you could simply do your child’s fav colour! ⁣

-pop in a small amount of the cold, cooked pasta, seal and gently shake. ⁣

-after a couple of minutes, transfer the pasta onto some paper towel to get off any excess liquid and allow to dry before popping on a platter together.⁣

I made a healthy, vegetable bolognaise with pork mince, shredded carrot and zucchini, oregano, passata (pasta sauce) and basil to go on top. And of course some Parmesan cheese. ⁣