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Travel, Cooking, Family & Life

My Story


Adele delivers an honest and raw insight into the life of a Melbourne mum & entrepreneur.


Adele left the traditional workforce in 2019 to spend more time with Harvey and Chloe, start the wildly successful business Feminae Beverage Co. and Feminae The Brand while also continuing her media commitments and developing her blog.


Adele’s highly engaged social following has been built slowly and organically over the past 6 years. Along with sharing creative, funny and relatable posts (of which more than 20 have gone viral globally), she has also built trust by only ever endors- ing products she genuinely loves and uses in her daily life.


Although covering a wide range of topics across family life and lifestyle, the blog focuses on 2 of Adele’s passions; travel and food. As a travel specialist who has visited almost 50 countries, worked as a tour guide throughout Europe and as a travel agent, Adele regularly visits and reviews destinations that appeal to Australian families and women aged 25 - 45.

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Adele started Feminaè Beverage Co. in 2020 and its 100% Australian owned and crafted in Melbourne. 


Feminaè is seriously passionate about great spirits, delicious cocktails and good times. Feminaè launched with a signature 'Pink Grapefruit' Gin immediately gaining cult status from Gin lovers across Australia. Shortly after, Feminaè dropped an ultra limited 'Disco' Gin in collaboration with Aria nominated pop star; DJ Havana Brown, selling out in minutes.

From 'Passionfruit and Pavlova' Cosmo to it's Iconic Abbie Chatfield 'Cheeky Peach' Gin, luxe beverage company Feminaè is always ready to serve up drinks to the fierce and fabulous!

Support Small


As someone with a large social following, I get the opportunity to work with / create content for some of the worlds biggest and most incredible brands. But I also understand the importance of supporting local and small businesses with my platform.  

So I started #adelesupportssmall where I purchase products I love from small businesses and shout out about them. I wont accept a free gift because I know all too well as a small business owner that a freebie costs the business money. 

If you have a unique product, service, something new and exciting or simply doing it better than the big boys, then shoot me an email  and if it catches my eye, then it could feature on my blog.  

Email here


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